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Sand + Reef

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BRAND SCOPE: Brand Strategy & Design, Custom Web Design and Packaging & Print Collateral

Sand + Reef is a jewelry company from New York who handcrafts each and every piece from recycled metals, adorned with ethically sourced gemstones, pearls & shells. Inspired by eco-conscious craftsmanship and timeless beauty, they value  sustainability, ethical & fair-trade practices, designing luxury pieces inspired by the beauty of the sea.

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custom brand identity
custom brand identity
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Brand Strategy


We began their project with an in-depth strategic discovery session reviewing the history of the brand so that I could get a better sense of what they were looking to accomplish for the future of the brand. As a new business, it was important for them to craft a solid brand strategy from the start including: 


Ethical & Sustainable

Sand + Reef is focused on sourcing gemstones and materials from sources with fair-trade and ethical practices. With a focus on sustainability, we focused on  connecting them with an organization that is focused on reforestation to give back to as a part of their brand vision.

Brand Visuals


Moving on to the brand visuals, they wanted a modern, minimal design that allowed their jewelry to take center stage. 

We used a modern, sans serif font, Alta and modified the letters like the A, and elongated their shapes slightly to give the logo more of a clean, contemporary feel. 


Their color palette was taken from a photo of the beach at sunset that picked up the mauve colors of the sand, the shimmering blue of the water, and the tan & chocolate tones from the palm trees mixed with a crisp white and a twilight black to neutralize it.

branding archetypes


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branding with archetypes
custom brand identity

Online Experience


We wanted their online shop to feel like a resort hotel and luxury online experience in one. Where their customers could easily shop for jewelry pieces, book permanent jewelry parties, and learn more about living a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Robust Homepage

When starting the design process, some of the things they said they wanted was a beautifully laid out homepage that felt inviting, luxurious and really took people through a journey as they scrolled the page. We designing a robust homepage that showcases their collection in all different formats and highlights that they offer permanent jewelry parties. Once they start their new blog, their most recent posts will be showcased to give people a taste of how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Shop

In the shop, we crafted copy that spoke to the beauty of each piece of jewelry, telling a story about each element used to create the pieces. We applied an ample amount of filters to allow their customers to shop based an array of options that best suited what they were looking for.

Gemstone Properties

When researching their ideal clients, we learned that their clients value meaning, story and sustainability above all else. We created a separate page that showcases the different metals, gemstones, pearls and findings used to create each piece of jewelry. This not only describes each piece, but any spiritual or healing meanings behind them as well to give the wearer a story with each piece.

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