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Ready to create a bingeable brand that has your dream clients pounding down your virtual door to buy everything you're offering? 


Welcome to the Bingeable Brand - my two best-selling, most sought-after guides that will help you amplify your brand's why to captivate, connect and convert - all while helping you understand your ideal audience so you can better serve them.


Here's what's inside: 


Creating a Bingeable Brand

- Develope a meaningful brand purpose & core values

- Establish an ambitious brand vision

- Develop a committed brand mission

- 22 pages with prompts, space for notes and more.


Becoming a Tribe Whisperer

- How to identify your ideal audience

- Understanding the 4 buyer types (and how to sell to them)

- Evaluating your brand message to sell to them

- 28 pages with prompts, space for notes and more.



Bingeable Brand Duo

$199.00 Regular Price
$37.00Sale Price
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