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Brand Archetypes: The Royal

branding with archetypes

about the royal...

You're sophisticated, ambitious and influential. A natural born leader. Your goal is to build a prosperous community with high standards. You live as an example for the people who look up to you and aspire to be a part of your inner circle. You don’t apologize for the affluent life you live, the a-list connections you have, or the unwavering confidence that captivates other struggling leaders.

You desire control above all else and have a dominant personality that will command attention. You tend to be authoritative in your communication and in your actions and carry a sense of intimidation. Your goal is for prosperity and success, and for that prosperity to carry down to those that are loyal to you and in your inner circle.

You are confident, responsible and in control of your life and expect the same from others. You see yourself at the top of the food chain and will defend that position if needed. You are naturally dominant and offer strength and stability to those around you.

Royals dislike chaos or losing their influence. Be careful not to be misled or corrupted or to come across as controlling, entitled or greedy. You fear being seen as weak, inferior or taking orders, but make sure to control your emotions so that you don't alienate yourself from others.

Brands trying to appeal to a Royal must reaffirm their sense of power, control and respect and allow them to feel a sense of superiority and that they are a part of an exclusive club. Appealing to the masses won't get a Royal's attention, in fact it will likely turn them off. Royal brands must provide their clients with a sense of influence, authority, sophistication, exclusivity and success to be able to afford or work with their brand.

Your brand voice should be confident, polished, articulate and authoritative. Your brand should be highly structured and your visuals should be refined, sophisticated and appeal to those striving to live an affluent, elite and prosperous life. Your audience will admire your impeccable taste and look to you as the stand by which to experience life and the excellence to which they aspire to be like.

also known as

The executive, leader, aristocrat, sovereign, ruler or politician

royal goals

To be powerful, influential, successful & prosperous, and to build a community that respects them.

royal skills

Their sophistication, authoritative and naturally dominant personality offers strength and stability to live the affluent lifestyle their audience wants.

royal weaknesses

They fear being seen as weak, inferior or uninspiring and can become too controlling or come across as entitled or greedy.

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the royal brand

brand voice

Your brand voice should be articulate, sophisticated, driven, polished, refined, confident, authoritative, influential, strong & persuasive.

captivating your audience

Royal brands can be appealing to two different target audiences.

To appeal to a Royal customer, you must reaffirm their sense of power, control and respect, and allow them to feel a sense of superiority - that they are apart of an exclusive and elite club.

Other personality types may be drawn to a Royal brand because they are searching for the confidence, sophistication, influence and success a Royal brand can offer them. Businesses that display characteristics of a Royal brand offer strength and stability and their audience will look to them to be able to experience the excellence by which a Royal brand brings to their work.

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