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Brand Archetypes: The Maverick

branding with archetypes

about the maverick...

As the Maverick or Outlaw, you have a desire for revolution, partly to change the world for the better and partly for the anarchy involved. You have a dislike, albeit an aversion for rules, regulations and conformity that would remove any form of your freedom of choice (or anyone else's for that matter.)

A bit determined, possibly "angry" at times you're good, honorable and loving at your core, you just love a good fight, especially when it comes to motivating and pursuing change for the greater good. You fear conformity, complacency and dependence and refuse to settle for the status quo. You're not afraid to be different, say what others want to say but are too afraid to, and showcase the shocking or provocative.

Mavericks are known as the rebel, the black sheep. Think Madonna and Harley Davidson. Their unique, yet shocking approach to breaking the rules, living their truth and not settling for anything less is what makes them so attractive.

Brands that want to appeal to a Maverick need to prove to their audience FIRST that you see the world as they do. Status quo and conformity are the common enemy and showing disdain for either will go a long way in resonating with the Maverick. Encouraging, facilitating or empowering revolution will make you instant family.

Formal communication should be avoided and your language and tone should be laced with grit and a little attitude. Your brand voice should be disruptive, rebellious and combative.

In your story telling, be bold and audacious. Mavericks aren't wallflowers and speak their mind with little regard for outside opinion. In other words, Mavericks don't care what other people think because their whole mission is to fight the structures that are holding other people back. Due to their bold behavior, Mavericks tend to be misunderstood by society because they are too busy blazing their own trail to worry about opinions.

also known as

The rebel, revolutionary, outlaw, misfit, and activist.

maverick goals

To inspire radical change, to do things differently and/or better, and to be free from the conformity of the "establishment."

maverick skills

They are outrageous and aim to disrupt, never conform and shock - challenging the status quo, are passionate, empowered and unafraid to take risks.

maverick weaknesses

They can be destructive, dangerous, and may easily "cross the line" - alienating supporters and friends. They need to be careful not to cross the line to the "dark side" by getting into trouble with the law.

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brand voice

Your brand voice should be candid, raw, honest, fiery, rebellious, bold, provocative, progressive, independent, confident, liberated.

captivating your audience

To appeal to a Maverick, you need to first prove to them that you the see the world the same way they do. Status quo and conformity are the common enemy and showing disdain for either will go a long way in proving you're just like them. Encouraging, facilitating, or empowering revolution will make you instant family.

Formal communication should be avoided - your language should be laced with grit and attitude, bold and challenging. Bold and bright color palettes mixed with unrefined and bold fonts should be used.

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