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Brand Archetypes: The Lover

branding with archetypes

about the lover..

You are the beauty, the romantic and the companion. You are passionate and devoted, focused on pleasure and relationships. The term "follow your heart" was made for you. You desire to be desired. The experience of closeness, intimacy and sensual pleasure is what you seek and you will use the means you have to get it.

You are motivated to become more physically and emotionally appealing to increase your capacity to attract others. You fear being unnoticed, unloved or unwanted and because of your passionate desires, you may get misled. Even when you achieve all of your desires, you may still fear loss or being unloved.

You want to build meaningful relationships, inspired by love. You want to be loved and create emotional experiences. Lovers are always looking for ways to make others feel special and to meet their needs. You are intuitive and deeply passionate. You embody a mix of pleasure, passion and relationship that is attractive to those around you.

Lovers need to be careful not to objectify their desires or lose their identity. They may be prone to jealousy and dislike being alone, feeling invisible or unnoticed. They don't like to feel rejected, feeling unloved or unwanted and need to guard their hearts from those that may want capitalize on their beauty.

Lover brands can range from platonic love to highly charged, sexual love. To appeal to a lover, you need to make them feel attractive, wanted and stir their desire for closeness, intimacy and connection.

Because of their attraction to sensory pleasure, communication and messaging should be passionate. Imagery and tone of voice are especially important for the lover and brands that can appeal to a lover can leverage their audiences desires for pleasure through sight, sound, smell or touch. Your brand voice should be warm, affectionate, desirable and intimate. You want to stir excitement and pleasure and make them feel attractive, wanted and loved.

also known as

The beauty, romantic, seducer, sensualist, companion or partner

lover goals

To build meaningful relationships, inspire love, be loved and create deeply emotional experiences. They want to help people acknowledge, indulge in and connect to their desires.

lover skills

They are deeply passionate and not just in a romantic way. They are physically and emotionally appealing, intuitive and deeply passionate and embody a mix of pleasure, passion, and relationship.

lover weaknesses

They may objectify their desires, lose their identity and may be prone to jealousy. They dislike being along, feeling invisible or unnoticed, rejected, or feeling unloved or unwanted.

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the lover brand

brand voice

Lover brand voices are desirable, affectionate, warm, passionate, seductive, loving, spellbound, excited, spiritual, heartfelt, descriptive.

captivating your audience

The Lover brand audience consists of customers who value aesthetic and appearance and are likely to be drawn to premium brands that will make them seem more attractive to others. A focus on delivering a luxurious experience - simply being functional won't draw in this customer.

Lover brands tend to use passionate, adjective-rich language and word choices, drawing in their customers and making them feel a sense of affection. Rich reds, deep pinks and golds have a strong visual appeal and can create a strong emotional response and connection. The aim should be to make your customers feel attractive, accepted, pleasure the senses and give joy and delight.

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