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Brand Archetypes: The Innocent

branding with archetypes

about the innocent...

You are optimistic and pure, and believe in a nirvana or heaven that we can all live in peacefully. You show us how to look at the bright side of life and how to get back to basics when others may over-complicate or obscure the natural goodness of our surroundings. You bring out the best in all of us and help us to declutter and not over complicate things in our lives, but to focus on what is pure and good.

Your goal is to create happiness for all and to find beauty in the simple things. The innocent is genuine, carefree, and kind - think The Sound of Music pure. You want to feel deeply fulfilled and leave the world a happier place. You are always striving to do the right thing with joy and are cheerful and trustworthy.

You are a positive and sweet personality with an optimistic outlook on life. You crave safety, stability but ultimately want everyone to be happy and peaceful. You are honest and pure and have no ill will or bad intentions towards anyone. You don't hold grudges and believe that everyone has the divine right to be who they are. You see beauty in everything and everyone and have a knack for seeing inner beauty where others may not.

If not careful, Innocent's can come across as naiive, unrealistic or in denial. You can be thought of as "too nice" or boring. You never want to be seen as a trouble-maker, or to cause harm to anyone, and may find yourself believing that negativity will be the ruin the world. You dislike cynicism, theatrical reactions or attention-seekers.

also known as

The dreamer, romantic, saint, purist, optimist, and idealist.

innocent goals

To create happiness for everyone and help others find beauty in the simplest of things. You want to feel deeply fulfilled and leave the world a happier place.

innocent skills

You are highly optimistic, always striving to do the right thing with joy. You are cheerful, trustworthy and kind, and want to help everyone get back to the pure basics of a simpler, happier life.

innocent weaknesses

You may come across as naiive, unrealistic or in denial of "real life." You can be thought of as too nice or boring due to your fear of punishment, getting into trouble or doing the wrong thing.

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brand voice

The Innocent brand is simple, hopeful, optimistic, happy, reliable, kind, honest, humble, wholesome, pure, modest, radiant, upbeat, joyful.

captivating your audience

Brands that want to appeal to an Innocent need to earn their trust with simplicity, honesty and most importantly, positive communication. Any negative, harmful or abrupt communication would be a turn off. Innocents need to associate your brand with safety, positivity and peace and will feel a deep connection if their inner beauty is recognized and celebrated. Your brand voice should be hopeful, optimistic and pure. Lighthearted, relaxed communication filled with joy and faithfulness will go a long way in resonating with an Innocent.

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