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Brand Archetypes: The Guy/Girl Next Door

branding with archetypes

about the guy/girl next door...

The Friend, Realist, Good Guy/Girl and Everyman, you just want to fit in, make others feel welcome and creative a community around you! You tend to blend in and don't need to stand out in a crowd. You're uber-friendly, unassuming, easy to talk to and never rude or loud! You're positive, upbeat and tend to have a liking to most things- although you may not super passionate about any one thing in specific.

You tend to trust easily although you may fear being rejected or betrayed. You are down to earth and have a way of making insta-besties with everyone you meet due to your calm demeanor and way of making people comfortable and understood. You are hardworking and humble and a breath of fresh air to everyone around you who is energized by how grounded and honest you are.

Your #1 goal is to relate, to belong, to be accepted, and to feel connected to others. You align yourself with sincere core values and create community around you. Although you have touch of realism and empathy, you were made for the everyday guy and girl, always accepting and making others around you feel equal, understood and a part of something. In an ideal world, you'd be liked by everyone so it can be frustrating to realize the fact that it's simply impossible to be liked by everyone.

You don't like being left out or, on the flip side, to stand out in a crowd. You fear losing your true identity just to fit in, or losing connection with those around you. You don't like judgy people, any hostility or disassociation. You don't like people who are entitled, status-"snobs", arrogant or isolating.

also known as

The realist, everyman, friend, hard-worker, good guy/girl.

guy/girl next door goals

Wants to relate, to belong and be accepted, and to feel connected with others. They align with sincere core values and want to create a sense of community.

guy/girl next door skills

Guys/Girls Next Door have a solid set of core values, are down to earth, and have a touch of realism and empathy. They are accepting, always making people feel accepted, equal, a part of something and understood.

guy/girl next door weaknesses

They don't want to feel left out or to stand out from the crowd. They fear losing ones self to fit in or loosing connection with those around them. They don't like being judged, isolated, feeling hostility or dealing with people who are arrogant or entitled.

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the guy/girl next door brand

brand voice

Guy/Girls Next Door are friendly, humble, honest, authentic, accepting, relatable, grounded, trustworthy, approachable, hardworking, likable.

captivating your audience

Your brand should give people a sense of belonging. Brands that revolve around everyday activities can leverage a message that it's totally ok to be "normal." Your brand voice should be humble, honest, friendly and down to earth, using communication and messaging that you are for everyone and don't exclude anyone. You want to use wholesome, authentic and genuine words, phrases and communication that conveys that you are trustworthy, approachable, hardworking, and welcoming to everyone.

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