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Brand Archetypes: The Explorer

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about the explorer...

You could be the Explorer if you're the ultimate trailblazer, adventurer and the ever-curious. You may be literally discovering the world or figuratively exploring different ideas, outlets and techniques to make the world a better place. You help us to shed the shackles of convention or responsibility to help us figure out what we really want to do in this world.

You value freedom and fulfillment, and have an inner drive to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and the conformity of everyday life, into the rugged and adventurous environment you feel most at home in. You are brave, adventurous and love a good challenge. For you, challenges are more about understanding yourself rather than proving something to others. You are on an everlasting journey of discovery and freedom.

You want to experience a better, more authentic and fulfilling life and the freedom to be who you are. You are a journey-seeker looking to experience new things, escape from boredom and autonomy, and value being true to your soul.

You don't like to feel trapped, inner emptiness, or to follow the rules set by the establishment, but be careful not to become and aimless wanderer, alienating yourself or becoming a misfit in the midst of travelling the world.

Any brand that veers off the beaten path and invents its own, values originality and encourages you to reach your goals can be an Explorer. Brands trying to appeal to an Explorer should challenge them with the confines of modern life, promoting the outdoors, the unknown, the land of the free... and challenge your audience to explore it. Modern society is the common enemy and challenging the conforms of the mundane, everyday life will go a long way in resonating with the Explorer and evoking their deepest dreams and desires.

Your brand voice should be free-spirited, open-minded, ambitious and curious. Your communication should explore the ideas of being on a life-long journey, pioneering and living your most authentic life.

also known as

The seeker, wanderer, trailblazer, individualist, & adventurer

explorer goals

To experience a better, more authentic and fulfilling life, and the freedom to find out who they are.

explorer skills

Explorers are journey-seekers looking to experience new things, escape from boredom, autonomy and value being true to one's soul.

explorer weaknesses

Explorers can be aimless wanderers, alienated or may become misfits in the midst of travelling the world. They don't like feeling trapped, conformity, or inner emptiness, and don't want to follow the establishment or their rules.

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brand voice

Explorers are free-spirited, authentic, energetic, adventurous, restless, curious, investigative, ambitious, open-minded, and guiding

captivating your audience

Brands that veer off the beaten path and invent their own way will find favor with the Explorer Brand Archetype. Brands that value company culture, originality and encourage you to reach for your goals in a way that works best for you may fit this archetype. Your messaging should be self-determined, authentic and free-spirited, and sharing personal stories and travel documentation, behind the scenes raw footage of your brand in motion, and documenting self-sufficiency and counterculture will go a long way in resonating with explorers.

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