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Brand Archetypes: The Entertainer

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about the entertainer...

Entertainers are all about having fun, being the life of the party and living in the moment. They are humorous, lighthearted and easy to get along with. Having fun is their middle name. They are excited to help others and enjoy life. Boredom is the enemy- let's just live in the moment. They not only LOVE to have fun themselves, but see it as their duty to be a ray of sunlight in everyone's life around them.

Could this be you? Known as the jester, the comedian, the jokester or the performer, your ability to see the good in everything and everyone around you makes you the eternal optimist. Eternally young at heart, you embrace your carefree, enthusiastic and fun-loving ways, while others around you may grow more serious.

You want nothing more than to have a great time and brighten up the world. You enjoy entertaining people and getting others to enjoy their life to the fullest. You are uplifting, always living in the moment and good at playing devil's advocate.

The entertainer lives without restraint and shines with unrelenting confidence. You aren't afraid to stand out and may even bend the rules if it helps you prove their point. If you're not careful, you may come across as being disrespectful or insensitive and may have a hard time being a time-waster or viewed as frivolous. Be careful not to use trauma to deflect anger or hurts. You dislike being bored or viewed as boring. You like to be the life of the party so feeling unfulfilled or not funny can be frustrating for you.

Entertainer brands should highlight a light-hearted, positive and playful side of life with an enjoyable spirit. If you're clever and relatable enough, you can build an exciting image. Make it a point to take even the most serious of topics and make light of it in a way that's comfortable for your audience. You should connect through happiness, laughter and fun, and your brand voice should be expressive, spontaneous, witty and magnetic.

also known as

The jester, comedian, jokester, performer, trickster, or practical joker

entertainer goals

To have a great time and brighten up the world, to entertain people and to get others to enjoy life to the fullest.

entertainer skills

Entertainers are light-hearted and uplifting, always living in the moment and good at playing the devil's advocate.

entertainer weaknesses

They may come across as being disrespectful or insensitive and can be timewasters or frivolous. They may use trauma to deflect anger or hurt and dislike being bored, boring or feeling unfulfilled, or not being the life of the party.

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the entertainer brand

brand voice

Entertainers are fun-loving, playful, optimistic, expressive, enthusiastic, spontaneous, witty, magnetic, hilarious, alive, dazzling.

captivating your audience

Entertainer brands are in the business of entertaining or being associated with having a good time. They are memorable and should highlight a light-hearted and positive spirit with a playful side of life. Make sure to connect with your audience through happiness, laughter, fun and optimism. Use bright, cheerful colors, bold and expressive fonts and think outside of the norm with packaging, marketing and social media.

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