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A creative and inspirational space dedicated to empowering female founders breaking into and expanding in the beauty, health, and wellness industries to create purposeful brand strategies, craft personality-packed copy, design data-driven websites, and establish thoughtful workflows that that captivate, connect and convert from day one, WITHOUT the overwhelm. I'm keeping a pulse on the latest trends in branding, web design, and small business trends - and bringing them to you to each week to help you build & scale your small business.



Brand Archetypes: The Creator

branding with archetypes

about the creator...

As the Creator, you’re inventive, unique and vibrant… and all about design. You inspire those around you to fully express themselves, to own their unique visions and individuality. You have a deep desire to create something innovative and beautiful that wasn’t previously there or thought of before. As a creative, you believe that if you can imagine it, it can be created, BUT, you can stifled by your own desire for perfection from time to time.

You strive to help your audience express and foster their own imagination, to help them realize their visions and create beautiful things. You provide new, innovative and imaginative ways to create things with meaning and enduring value.

Creators are driven by the free flow of creativity, while staying within certain parameters of control. They bring new ideas to the world and create structure by bringing something that may not have previously existed before - into existence. They get a great deal of pride and fulfillment not only from the process of creation but also from the outcome of their work.

As a Creator, you may be prone to being an extreme perfectionist, allowing your insecurities to bring you down or stifle your own imagination. You despise feeling unoriginal, mediocre or inauthentic and don’t like going through times of feeling uninspired or being criticized for your work.


Creator brands celebrate the creative process while inspiring self-expression. They are non-conformists and desire the freedom of expression, and don't want to be stifled by creative parameters or censorship. Brands that provide the means and tools to express creativity connect deeply with their audience. Creator brands should leverage their audience’s imagination and their desire to create and innovate. Additionally, the internal culture of a Creator brand should place a high value on creativity and innovation.

Your brand voice should be inspirational, expressive, inventive, perceptive and imaginative, helping to cultivate authentic, artisan works through free-spirited and original means.

also known as

The the artist, dreamer, maker, innovator, visionary and designer.

creator goals

To help their audience express, create, and foster their imagination, help them realize their vision and create beauty.

creator skills

Creators provide something new, innovative, and imaginative that has meaning and enduring value, something that hasn't been seen or thought of before.

creator weaknesses

They can be extreme perfectionist, allowing their own insecurities to bring them down and stifle their creativity. They despise being unoriginal, mediocre or inauthentic, feeling uninspired, having bad solutions or being criticized for their work.

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the creator brand

brand voice

Creators are imaginative, inspirational, expressive, inventive, creative, curious, free-spirited, unique, visually descriptive, artistic.

captivating your audience

Creator brands are innovative and always looking towards the future. They are imaginative visionaries and should be inspiring to their audience. Use uplifting, descriptive language and colorful metaphors and adjectives to paint a picture in their minds of what is possible. Highlighting how you do things differently - and better than the other options on the market will make you stand out to your audience. Add interest and drama, be bold and make provocative statements. Use inspirational tones when appropriate, but don't risk losing your reader with the boring or mundane details.

creator inspiration
creator brand archetype
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