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Brand Archetypes: The Sage

branding with archetypes

about the sage...

As the Sage, you are analytical and wise, and all about universal truth. Think Yoda-wise here! You are focused on facts, truth, and are the ultimate researcher at heart. Also known as the expert, seeker, advisor, mentor, teacher and philosopher, your goal is to be a seeker of truth, knowledge and wisdom.

Analyzing data, numbers and patterns is totally your jam- but you aren't ever stingy about sharing your findings. Your drive comes from the desire to not only understand the world, but to share your knowledge and understanding with others.

A lifelong learner, you enjoy expressing your knowledge through philosophical, thought-provoking conversations. You are more likely to pass along your wisdom to someone who can use it to change the world rather than change the world with it yourself. You love to study how the universe works and freely share your knowledge with others.

You are driven by a deep understanding of the world around you. You value wisdom, intelligence, expertise, influence and information and challenge the way people think and live to show them the path to wisdom and understanding as well.

The Sage may find themselves disconnecting from "regular" people if they aren't careful. They can tend to value self-preservation and may be seen as manipulative or dishonest. They dislike ignorance, insanity, powerlessness, misinformation or inaccuracy, but must be careful not to alienate themselves or others because of them.

For the Sage, the key to success is collecting information and relentlessly pursuing the truth. It's common for Sage brands to have a raised level of awareness, and to avoid uncertainty, misinformation, misleading assertions and naivete.

Sage brands should pay homage to their intelligence as they communicate. Higher level vocabulary with layers of philosophical meaning will be acknowledged and appreciated by their audience, while over-simplified messages will detract them.

Their audience will expect factual and well-researched information which should be data-driven to avoid any challenges or issues. Their audience sees them as objective, factual and a trustworthy source of information, so their brand voice should be credible, curious, analytical, investigative and prepared.

also known as

The expert, scholar, advisor, thinker, academic & teacher

sage goals

Driven by a deep understanding of the world around them. They strive to show a path to wisdom, understanding and to celebrate life-long learners.

sage skills

They value wisdom, intelligence, expertise, influence and information and challenge the way people think and live to show them a path to understanding.

sage weaknesses

They dislike ignorance, insanity, misinformation and accuracy, and can tend to disconnect from people - opening them up to be viewed as manipulative or dishonest.

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brand voice

The Sage brand voice is knowledgeable, assured, guiding, wise, analytical, curious, investigative, intelligent, trustworthy, articulate, brilliant, authoritative.

captivating your audience

Sage brands are considered the expert, thus, these brands tend to inform and guide their customers toward making the right decision through data-driven information. They consider themselves to be leaders and enlighteners in the midst of a confusing, and often deceptive world.

Brands that value analysis and advancement, finding knowledge and information can appeal to the Sage. Sage brands regularly use refined and informational marketing materials, but never try to impress with elaborate designs. They lean towards muted, neutral tones - think newspapers, institutions of higher education, research firms, bookstores, museums and libraries. They never dumb down their message as to not insult the intellect of their target audience - instead focusing on education, information and sometimes exclusivity.

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sage brand archetype
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